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Tarmac Works miniature - Motors Miniatures

Tarmac Works model

Our Tarmac Works are available in 1/64th and some 1/18th scale. These... 

Motors Miniatures, a small online shop for model cars and motorcycles

A small e-commerce company on a human scale, born in September 2021 in the Meuse Valley in Belgium out of a passion for the world of cars, especially Japanese cars, and their scale models.

What can you find in our shop ?

We offer model cars in 1/64th, 1/43rd, 1/24th and 1/18th scale, model motorcycles in 1/24th, 1/18th, 1/12th and 1/10th scale, diorama figures, dioramas for assembly, decorative metal plates, model kits and model engines. You'll find brands such as Minichamps, Ottomobile, GT Spirit, Maisto, Sparky, Kyosho, Aoshima and many others. There is also a wide range of manufacturers including Japanese, French, German, Italian, American brands and more.

We also sell used and damaged models.

Damaged models
come from orders received from our suppliers, which unfortunately have
accidents or defects. We resell them with the broken parts or with an
explanation of the breakage. In principle, model cars can be repaired.

Why choose Motors Miniatures ?

As a small online shop, we are always available to respond to your enquiries as quickly as possible.

We are also committed to packing your model cars with the utmost care, checking the condition of the model car and of course the other items as much as possible before sending them to you, and dispatching your parcels within 48 hours.

We track your orders meticulously and will contact you if anything goes wrong.

Our delivery prices are calculated to be as fair as possible for both you and us.

We are newcomers to the vast world of scale modelling and our aim is to remain a small company that is close to its customers.

We often run promotions so don't hesitate to check them out in the category!