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Modelkits, building your own scale model

Modelkits are very popular, not only because of the way they are built and the satisfaction they bring, but also because of the opportunity to customise your model in your own way. You can add rims to suit your taste, apply the colour of your choice, or add specific parts (ailerons, bumpers, etc.). You can also follow the manufacturers' instructions to the letter. What could be more satisfying than seeing your model take shape and knowing that it was built by your own hands ?

What tools do I need to build my modelkit ?

To build your modelkit, you'll need certain tools. You can find modelkit tool kits in various online shops or in a specialist model shop. In general, you'll need model glue, a cutter or scalpel, paint, brushes and sandpaper. Some of the model kits we offer feature the 'Easy Click' system, which means you don't need any glue. Others come with paint and a brush. Let your imagination run wild and build the model of your dreams !