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We've got a whole range of diorama products for you to choose from. You'll find accessories, figurines and garages. Everything you need to create your own little world!

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What is a diorama ?

A diorama is a presentation of characters in a specific environment. It's a great way of bringing your imagination, history and many other situations to life. When we were children, many of us saw dioramas of whole villages with trains running along the side of the mountain, or little Christmas villages with all those little characters intriguing passers-by. In the model car world, car races and garages are often represented in dioramas. In our shop you'll find garage tools, figures, garages, tents, tyres with rims, well-known film scenes, race starts and lots more.

What do you need to make a diorama ?

To make a diorama you'll need your imagination and a bit of space, depending on what you're planning. The base of the diorama can be a table, a tray or a plaque, but the principle remains the same. Quite a few tutorials exist to give you an idea of what a diorama can represent in terms of time and the results that can be obtained. The investment doesn't have to be huge, as long as you're imaginative and do-it-yourself ;)