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Discover all our Hotwheels scale models. Whether it's a classic model, one from a film or series or a special collection, there's a wide choice of scale models to choose from.

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Hotwheels, the world-famous American brand

The toy brand was founded in 1968 in California. Specialising in scale cars, Hotwheels also produces other accessories. There are a huge number of collections of scale models available, and their packaging is always a real eye-catcher !

Why collect Hotwheels ?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of collections to be made. From Fast and Furious to Star Wars liveries, Hotwheels scale models have a certain charm. They're very accessible and detailed for their small size. We also offer them in 1/43 scale. There are special shelves to display your Hotwheels collections, which you can easily find on the web.