Guide: Scale sizes in cm

How big are the model car scales in cm?

Here is a quick guide to the scales in our online shop


There are different scales of model cars . I'm going to tell you about the most common ones in our shop, but there are others that also exist and the principle remains the same.

  • The 1/18th scale is really great if you like detail and want to have a reasonably sized model.
  • 1/24th scale, a common scale for model kits (car models to be assembled), but there are also model cars already assembled in this scale.
  • The 1/64 size which is very easy to fit or we collect a lot more! 


Here is a summary of the sizes of the model car scales in cm

To calculate the size of a model car in cm , divide the actual size of the car by the number after the "/" or ":".

For example, if you want to know the size of a 1/64th scale Toyota Supra in centimetres, divide the actual size by 64 and so on for each scale. This also applies to all other model cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc.

You tell yourself that you have a nice leg, don't you? Let's take a closer look at the approximate size of model car legs in centimetres.



How big is the 1/18 scale in cm?

It depends, as I explained above, whether it's a city car, a supercar or even a big American Ford Mustang. In general, 1/18th scale cars are between 20 and 30 cm long. It's really the ideal size for the details and to have all the openings if it's a diecast model car*. Resin models do not have vents, but they may be better made and can be more expensive, such as the Ignition Model range, or even more luxurious, such as Exoto. There are also excellent diecast models with very nice finishes. I'm thinking of the Japanese brand Kyosho, which has produced a superb Lamborghini Miura P400SV, fully openable, or the Americans from ACME Diecast with their Shelby GT350R.

*The metal generally used in the scale model world is more likely to be a zinc alloy called ZAMAC.



How big is the 1/24 scale in cm?

The model cars, as well as the assembled model kits, are about 17 or even 18 cm long. Again, it depends on the model. For me, it's a pretty nice size because the models are well detailed, there are openings for the pre-assembled ones and they're more accessible on a budget than the 1/18th scale. It's a slightly less common scale than the others, but brands like Jada Toys, within everyone's reach, make some very nice ones!



How big is the 1/43 scale in cm?

The 1/43 scale is between 9 and 12 cm. There are many, many model cars in this size. This is why it appeals to collectors. There are often "magazine" collections in this scale and you can find models with openings. They are available in resin and diecast. The Spark brand makes quality models, there are also IXO Models or Norev and of course many others.



How big is the 1/64 scale in cm?

1/64th scale models can be as small as 7.5cm. For example, a 1/64 Mini Cooper will be much smaller than a VW T1 van. This is my favourite scale because you can have lots of them, they don't take up any space! Well, after a while it does. There really are some manufacturers that stand out in this scale, I'm thinking of Inno64 who, frankly, make superb, well detailed Japanese models for such a small size. A brand new one we have in our shop, Hobby Japan, also makes some really nice models, with dioramas. BM Creations also make model cars with figures.




Finally, how big are the model car scales in cm?

It all depends on the actual size of the car and the scale, of course. Divide the actual size by the scale you want.

Guide written by Motors Miniatures .